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Peter F. Drucker Academy

“Managers and executives in China must be home grown, we can’t rely on importing experts from foreign countries.”


- Peter F. Drucker


“Father of Modern Management” – Peter F. Drucker


Peter F. Drucker was hailed as the “Father of Modern Management”, because he didn’t only introduce the concept of modern management, he was also the first one to turn “Management” into a discipline at university. Drucker was also a pioneering thinker, who predicted that computing technology would change both the world and business operation model in the 50s; On the other hand, he foresaw the rise of industrial Japan in 1961, and the fall of Japan’s Economy in the 80s. Drucker believed that a company could attain success only if it took social responsibility, as well as created values for clients, thus the profit would be produced as by-product after satisfying customers.  

Peter F. Drucker Academy


Peter F. Drucker Academy was established in 2006, the only management institute beings named after and authorized by Peter F. Drucker together with his family in China. The Academy is also registered as NGO in Hong Kong. Drucker was also the Chief Development Consultant for the Academy, who participated in the design and development of courses at the beginning. Drucker believed that managers for all organizations must understand and be familiar with their own countries, and take responsibility for both the development and building of the country. He asserted that China must train up her own managers, instead of importing foreign management experts. The Academy is on the mission of preaching Drucker management theories and his ideology. We aims at providing outstanding training courses to managers of local enterprises, governmental organizations and NGOs. Helping all local companies and governmental organizations to raise the standard of performance, and leading all of the organizations to take up social responsibility; in order to actualize Drucker’s vision of sustainable society.

Founder’s Message

Mr. Shao Ming Lo

Founder of Peter F. Drucker Academy

Chairman of Bright China Group

Our Tutors

Drucker Academy (DA) follows a rigorous certification process of Certified Drucker Educator (CDE) . Only those who have been certified as CDE by DA are allowed to teach Drucker management courses hosted by the academy. All of our tutors are professionals from multi-national enterprises, organizations and education institutions.

Certified Drucker Educator

Drucker Academy (DA) follows a rigorous certification process of Certified Drucker Educator (CDE). Only those who have been certified as CDE are allowed to teach Drucker management courses. DA is continuously in search of the competent candidates with different professional backgrounds to join our teaching team.

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Our Vision

To foster a prosperous, fair, and healthy society, through training and education of college graduates as well as leaders from business enterprises, government, non-profit organizations.

Our Characteristics

Drucker Acadmey (DA) is personally authorized and named by Mr Peter F. Drucker. Besides the Drucker Graduate School of the University of Claremont in the United States, DA is the only institution that is authorized by Drucker and his family in China.

Student Testimonials

“ The Drucker management theories lead us to reflect on our roles as managers and the circumstances surrounding us. This is an innovative way of thinking. And the equivalence of 'innovation' and 'give-up' is also an interesting idea!” 

一 Student, Teddy Poon

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About Drucker Academy

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