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Building a Functioning Society through Peter Drucker’s Legacy of Management as a Liberal Art
Get to know MLA Academy


Dating back to the middle of 20th Century, Peter F. Drucker didn’t only introduce the concept of modern management; he was also the first one to turn “Management” into a discipline at university.


MLA Academy, formerly known as Peter F. Drucker Academy, a member of MLA Foundation, is a registered Non-Profit Management Institute in Hong Kong.

Prof. Joseph Maciariello introduces the origin

and essence of Management as a Liberal Art

Understand the World with Peter Drucker

Drucker Essentials, Insights and Reflections, Leading Change, Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Strategic Thinking and Effective Decision-Making, and Managing Oneself in the 21st Century, etc. Exploring more…

The Centre for Management as a Liberal Art (CMLA) Conference Highlight

Centre for Management as a Liberal Art (CMLA)


The Centre for Management as a Liberal Art (CMLA) is a joint initiative of The Hang Seng University of Hong Kong (HSUHK) and MLA Academy. Its mission is to promote the legacy of Peter F. Drucker, the father of modern management.


In particular, the philosophy, principles and practices of Management as a Liberal Art (MLA).

MLA News

The “Managing for Social Impact” International Conference was successfully held on April 12 (Friday) 2024 at the Hang Seng University of Hong Kong (HSUHK).

The event was co-organized by The Centre for Management as a Liberal Art (CMLA), HSUHK, and MLA Academy.

MLA Sharings
Student Testimonials

“The Drucker management theories lead us to reflect on our roles as managers and the circumstances surrounding us. This is an innovative way of thinking. ”

Student, Teddy Poon

MLA Fellows


All MLA Fellows have brought profound influence to the development of social welfare and business management. They also have thorough understandings of Drucker's management theories, of which they apply on the enterprise management. They are presented the titles of MLA Fellows, in recognition of their contributions to both development of business management and the society.

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The workshop “Practicing Management as a Liberal Art” was successfully held on June 29th 2021. As a pre-conference event of “A Day of Drucker”, the workshop is co-organized by Peter F. Drucker Academy Hong Kong and Global Drucker Forum, with the support from Hong Kong Management Association (HKMA). It turns out amazing and stimulating learning experience with over 100 actively engaged participants from global leadership community. 


We have invited distinguished leaders of various sectors from Hong Kong and mainland China, to share their thoughts and to engage in the discussion. The Workshop begins with the welcome speech of Dr. Julia Wang, President of Peter F. Drucker Academy Hong Kong. Dr. Wang first pays the special tribute to Prof. Joseph Maciariello, the former Research Director of Drucker Lab, who has made great contribution in advancing Drucker’s work. Then she talks on the mission of practicing Management as a Liberal Art, as advocated by Peter Drucker, aims to create and maintain a functioning society of organizations, in which people find meaningful existence and purpose while also contributing to the common good. Recognizing that management is about human being is crucial for today’s leaders to navigate in turbulent times.  

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