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Leading Change

Leading Change

Module Introduction


The dynamic business environment keeps impacting the operation modes of the market, thus, all companies are facing the challenge of enterprise transformation and business expansion. While all managers of an enterprise are also facing the challenges of self-development, and change of external environment.


This course teaches on innovation theories, case studies, management practice and tools; it fosters the innovative thinking of managers, in order to transform them into innovative leaders, and injects new energy to the organization, so as to elevate the competitive competency of an organization.   

Teaching Method


Interactive teaching styles incorporating case studies and practical application of Drucker management theories.

Module Objectives


Coaching managers to initiate innovation and change of an organization

Target Learners


Executive management or decision-makers of a company; or individuals with management experience

Course Duration


1 Day (7 Hours)

Module Outlines




Learning Objectives

Unit 1
Resistance & Recognition

Unit 2
Leading Change

Unit 3
Reform Implementation

  • 4 sources of Change resistance 

  • Elements of Change resistance

  • Understanding Change resistance and ways to diminish it

  • International business case study 

  • Practice and concept of leading change: condition, policy, budget and balance     

  • 9 Steps of analysis and deployment

  • Plans for reformation

  • Evaluation of reformation 

  • Recognizing opportunities and risks brought by the reformation

  • Ways to win support and trust within organization  during reformation

  • Understanding procedures for implementing reformation 

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