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Development Power

Development Power

Course Introduction


Drucker has raised 5 simple but profound questions to organization and enterprise: What is our mission? Who is our customer? What does the customer value? What are the results that we are pursuing? What is our plan?

By asking these 5 questions, Drucker guide us to carry out strategic self-assessment for the “enterprise” or “organization” as a whole, so as to elevate the performance of oneself.  

Teaching Method


Interactive teaching styles incorporating case studies and practical application of Drucker management theories.

Course Objectives


Let the students learn the techniques to improve overall performance of the organization in a safe communicative environment. The course content extends from integration of knowledge and recognition, to business decision-making. Helping the students to stay away from unproductive business decision, and focus on long-term effective business planning, as well as transforming new idea into effective execution.

Target Learners


Business owner, CEO, CFO and professional business consultant.

Course Duration


2 Days (14 Hours)

Modules Outline




Learning Objectives

Unit 1
Conceptual Aspect

Unit 2 
Practical Aspect

  • Drucker’s concept of organization and enterprise, and his standard for performance measurement

  • Exploration of  “ Drucker’s five most important questions”

  • Understanding the purpose of the Drucker’s managerial  tools in order to elevate the organization performance

  • Grasping the essence, relation among the five questions and ways to utilize the “Drucker’s five most important questions”

  • Group study on both the essence and connotation of the “Drucker’s five most important questions” 

  • Exploring the key factors that will affect the future of the organization

  • Rethink on 

  1. 1.    What is our mission? 

  2. 2.    Who is our customer?

  3. 3.    What does the customer value?

  4. 4.    What are the results that we are

  5.        pursuing?

  6. 5.    What is our plan?

  • Setting the development plan for the organization Through extensive discussion and application of the managerial skills, such as planned depreciation, acquired in class

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