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Mr. A.G. Lafley


“Peter drucker continues to be a great influence on me, Peter’s idea has become a part of P&G. His basic rule was the importance of serving consumer, he likes to say, ‘The Purpose of business is to create and serve customers.‘ The greatest lesson I took away is the overarching importance of humanity. Drucker believes in human possibility, and he was a force for good society.”

-Mr. A. G. Lafley


Mr. A.G. Lafley is P&G's full-time chairman after serving as president and CEO from 2000 to 2009.


Mr. Lafley joined the US Navy in 1970 where he oversaw all the retail and service operations for 10,000 Navy and Marine corps and their families in Japan. He later graduated from Harvard Business School and started his long career at P&G in 1977, spending the next 15 years progressing to the CEO role.


Under Mr. Lafley's leadership, P&G has focused on consumer-driven innovation and consistent, reliable, sustainable growth. The company has more than doubled sales since the beginning of the decade, and has grown its portfolio of billion-dollar brands from 10 to 23.


Mr. A.G. Lafley is also a renowned advocator of Drucker management theories, who preaches and practices Drucker’s principles at work and management. Mr. Lafley believes that purpose of a company is to serve a customer with value, and thus create opportunities to improve lives of the customers, which is an important factor in success of an enterprise.

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