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Mr. Bob Buford

Founder, Leadership Network


Author of

“Drucker and Me” & “Halftime”

“Drucker had said, ‘At this stage in your life, it’s our job to release and direct energy, not to supply it.’ That’s everything I believe about Leadership Network. “

-Mr. Bob Buford


Mr. Bob Buford was previously the Chairman and CEO of Buford Television, a privately owned television network in America. He is also the founder of Leadership Network and the Leadership Training Network, which is a privately owned foundation serving the leadership teams of large churches.


Mr. Buford is also the Founding Chairman of the Board of The Peter F. Drucker Foundation for Nonprofit Management, now known as the Leader to Leader Institute; as well as the chairman of the Board of the Drucker Institute.


Bob Buford befriended with Drucker for over 20 years, and was greatly influenced by Drucker.  He is an expert on integrating faith and business, and converting the faith into action together with effective results. He is the author of “Drucker and Me”, which recorded the conversations on topics of ethics and business management between Drucker and Buford.


Besides Leadership training for churches, he is the author of bestseller “Halftime - Changing Your Game Plan from Success to Significance” , which brings up the issues of life planning of retirement by sharing his own retirement experience. He believes that if the first half of life is the pursuit for success, then the second half of life is to fulfill a meaningful journey.

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