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Manager and Organization

Manager and Organization

Module Introduction


This course consists of six modules:

  1. Assisting the boss: Helping your boss to accomplish

  2. Assisting the colleagues: Helping your colleagues to make contribution

  3. Motivation: Overcoming obstacles at work

  4. Planning: Fighting off burdens from the past

  5. Strategy: Risks of strategic planning

  6. Organization: Making the most of organization resources

Teaching Method


Interactive teaching styles incorporating case studies and practical application of Drucker management theories.

Course Objectives


Helping managers to coordinate interpersonal relationship within an organization, in order to achieve high performance at work; coaching on management strategy which helps to unite all team members,

So as to enhance overall performance of the organization.  

Target Learners


Executive management or decision-makers of a company; or individuals with management experience.

Module Duration


2 Days (14 Hours)

Module Outlines




Learning Objectives

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