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Dr. Bill Pollard


Fairwyn Investment Company

“I learnt the most important lesson from Drucker, he once said to me, ‘ Remember, a leader really only has one choice to make: to lead or mislead. The proper end of all leadership is the thriving of those who are following the leader. Leadership is not simply about the vision or desires of the leader. Rather, true leadership looks to the needs and abilities of those who are being led, true leadership entails taking responsibility for those who are following you.’ “

- Dr. Bill Pollard


Dr. Bill Pollard is the former Chairman of the Fortune 500 companies, The ServiceMaster. He also serves as director of Herman Miller and UnumProvident Corporation, as well as director for The Drucker Foundation at Wheaton College.


The ServiceMaster rose to the top of global servicing industry under the leadership of Dr. Bill Pollard, and recorded growth in turnover and gross profit margin for 27 consecutive years.



He is the author of a number of bestselling books, including “The Soul of the Firm”, “Leader of the Future” and “The Quest for the Entrepreneurial Spirit”.


He believes that a leader must be acquired with servant spirit. As a servant leader himself,

He greatly assists in the development of his staff members, and leads the employees to achieve senses of accomplishment at work.



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