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“Management is a Truly Liberal Art”

Author: Shao Ming Lo


First, I like to touch a side-note pertaining the translation of “Liberal Art”. We usually translate it as “博雅藝術” in Chinese, but I’d rather translate it as “自由技藝”(free style of technique and art form), 技術的“技”、藝術的“藝”.

Drucker’s views on Performance

Author: Shao Ming Lo


“Performance” is the synonymy of “Result”. Drucker had in-depth discussion on performance and result in his writings. He proclaimed, “ Management is practice. Its essence is not knowing but doing. Its test is not logic but results. Its only authority is performance.”

Drucker is my consultant​

Author: Shao Ming Lo


How does it feel to have Drucker as your consultant? Founder of Peter F. Drucker Academy Mr Shao Ming Lo is honored to having Drukcer as his business consultant. Whenever they met, Drucker would raise questions to Shao in a Socratic way, in order to lead him to dig out the “real question” that is hidden behind the surface.  From Drucker’s point of view, to ask “the right question” and to find out “the real question”, is far more important than simply finding the solution to the question.

Why does Drucker study Management?

Author: Shao Ming Lo


Drucker started out as a scholar of Economics and Political Science. His talents and abilities has aroused the interests of the experts of the fields when he was young. However, regardless of the praises from the academic world, he decided to give up on his research works of these two disciplines, and switched to research of management. The reason behind his action is the “Sympathy”.

How does Peter Drucker define Leadership?​

Author: Shao Ming Lo


How did Drucker define Leadership? Drucker said, leadership is to bring an individual perspective to the next level, to help the others to break through limits of oneself, in order to attain higher achievement. As a result, the potential and innovative momentum of an individual can be brought out, and let him attain the unimaginable accomplishment.

Drucker: Manage Yourself and Then Your Company

Author: Peter F. Drucker


All management books, including those I have written, focus on managing other people. But you cannot manage other people unless you manage yourself first.

The most crucial and vital resource you have as an executive and as a manager is yourself.

Drucker on Management as a Liberal Art​

Author: Professor Huang Jian Dong


Here is the Drucker’s discourse on Management as a Liberal Art:

Management is regarded as a Discipline, instead of a branch of Science (at least not according to the definition of Science in modern sense). Medicine is a Discipline, it’s a practical technical skill, and derived from different branches of Science.

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