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“Management and Innovation Forum 2016” jointly organized by Peter F. Drucker Academy and Centennial College was successfully held on Dec. 13, 2016 at Graduate House, The University of Hong Kong.


The MOU signing ceremony for four parties including Peter F. Drucker Academy, Drucker School of Management, Claremont Graduate University, HKU SPACE, and Centennial College was taking place during the forum. Drucker Academy will work with partners to promote “Management as a liberal art” practice in greater China region.

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Management and the pursuit of ultimate truth


Mr Shao Ming Lo, Founder of Peter F. Drucker and Chairman of Bright China Group, shares the reasons behind his determination of introducing Drucker management theories into China, and explains why Drucker’s philosophy is greatly praised.​

Management and Innovation Forum 2016
Dr. Thomas Horan
Management and Innovation Forum 2016
Prof. Joseph Maciariello
Management and Innovation Forum 2016
Dr. Royce Yuen
Mr. Sunny Wong
Dr. Thomas Horan
Panel Discussion
Management and Innovation Forum 2016
Management and Innovation Forum 2016
Management and Innovation Forum 2016

Peter F. Drucker Academy signed the coopreration agreement with City University of Macau on 7th January in 2016, both institutes will join hands to promote the Drucker Executive Development Program (DRUCKER EDP), aiming at fostering the management abilities and skills of management executives of enterprises and organizations.


Peter. F. Drucker Academy aims at continuing the legacy of the “Father of Modern Management” Peter F. Drucker, advocates to spread the teaching of Drucker management theories and philosophy to governmental organizations, NGO and enterprises.


Should you have any enquires regarding the Drucker EDP programs, please call Peter F. Drucker Academy at (852) 2850-6620 or City University of Macau at (853) 8590-2744 , (853) 8590-2746.

Management as a Liberal Art
Management as a Liberal Art
Management as a Liberal Art

Guest Speaker: 

Mr. Walter Tsui

Founder of "careER"


Ms. Smile Cheung 
Founder of “Smile Training” and senior media professional

The Peter F. Drucker Academy joins hands with Centennial College on presenting the Business Management Radio Program “Management as a Liberal Art”, and it is on air from 9pm-10pm every Sunday night.
We are honored to have management expert, Dr. Royce Yuen, and Vice-President of a multinational corporation, Ms. Ruthia Wong, as our guest hosts for the program. Each episode we would invite an outstanding senior executive and prominent figure from different fields in Hong Kong to be our guest speaker, who will share with us on their ups-and-downs in their remarkable careers, and how they deal with the ever-changing market environment.


This week, besides Founder of “Smile Training” and senior media professional Ms. Smile Cheung, we have also invited Founder of “careER” Mr. Walter Tsui as our guest speakers. Although Walter was born with rare eye disease, he overcame the inborn obstacles and successfully graduated with BSc in Economics from Hong Kong Chinese University. Nevertheless, his career development was greatly hindered by his eye condition, this experience drove him to establish “careER”, a social enterprise providing job-matching and career counseling services to young professionals with physical disabilities. Walter would share with us on both difficulties and gains that he came across along the way of running "careER", and call for local companies to give those young professionals job opportunities. 

The interview will be broadcasted this Sunday on April 23rd. 
Besides listening to the Radio Live Broadcast, you can also log onto official website of Metro Radio for Online Live Broadcast at

If you are listening through smart phone, please download Metro Radio App through:


iPhone:  Download Linkage

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The Last interview of Peter F. Drucker


In the last interview with Peter F. Drucker, he talked on his views of life, and made a conclusion for his brilliant life.

Cecily Drucker talks on magical moments of Drucker’s life


Cecily Drucker, daughter of Peter F. Drucke and the representative of the Drucker family, shares with us some of magical moments of her father’s life, and takes a glimpse of his reading habit and learning method.

Dr. Bill Pollard talks on the people-oriented Drucker management theories


Dr. Bill Pollard, founder of Forbes 500 companies, The ServiceMaster, is a close friend and follower of Drucker, whose management method and style are greatly influenced by Drucker. Dr. Pollard believes that a leader should be responsible for the development of employees, and take up social responsibilities while making profits for the enterprise.

Rick Wartzman shares on timeless Druckers management wisdom


Rick Wartzman, the executive director of Drucker institute at Claremont Graduate University, explains the ideology of Drucker management theories, and suggests that an enterprise can only innovate and evolve by holding onto its core values.

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