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Investment and Merger Strategy

Investment and Merger Strategy

Course Introduction


The course is based on Drucker management theories. The course instructor integrates the core values of Drucker theroies with one’s own management experience, to present extensive analysis of merger strategy, business valuation methods, different ways of investigation of targeted company, ways to pick the proper transaction structure and payment methods, as well as the result of integration after merger.

Teaching Method


Interactive teaching styles incorporating case studies and practical application of Drucker management theories.

Course Objectives


Helping enterprise to create sustainable competitive advantage.

Target Learners


Business owner, CEO, CFO and professional business consultant.

Course Duration


2 Days (14 Hours)

Modules Outline




Learning Objectives

Unit 1
Foundation: Finance 

Unit 2
Investment Return and Risk

Unit 3
Merger and Acquisition

Unit 4
Bond and Stock

Unit 5
Business Valuation

  • Basics of Financial market, financial organization, financial products 

  • Acquiring basic concepts of Finance

  • Relationship between present consumption and future consumption: Return on Investment  (ROI), Time value of money (TVM), Evaluation and measurement of investment risk

  • Understanding the time factor of investment, and ways to evaluate investment return and risk

  • Difference between merger and acquisition, types of merger, motive and expectation of merger

  • Understanding different theories of merger and acquisition

  • Valuation, risk  and evaluation of bond and stock

  • Understanding  the basics, tools and precaution of bond and stock investment 

  • Methods of Business evaluation and business valuation

  • Understanding factors affecting the business value and practice of business valuation

Unit 6
Investment Strategy

  • 3 Principles of picking the right enterprise 

  • Selection and evaluation of the right business owner for investment purpose 

  • Understanding stock market, and ways to select the right enterprise and business owner in stock market

Unit 7
Merger Strategy

  • 6 Principles of merger strategy

  • Understanding Drucker’s principles for enterprise merger 

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