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Drucker in China

In the summer of 1999, Mr Shao Ming Lo met Mr Peter F. Drucker with a proposal of setting up an institute. It was his dream: to establish an academy of management for existing executives and for the entrepreneurs in the future. Mr Drucker was moved by Mr Shao's passion and committed to be a voluntary consultant in his lifetime. At the end of the same year, with Drucker's guidance and participation, Peter F. Drucker Academy - a non-profit educational organization aiming at studying and promoting management insights of Drucker was set up.

In 2005, Mr Drucker personally authorized Bright China to use the name "Peter F. Drucker Academy" in China. After the death of Mr Drucker, the Druckers has given full support to Bright China and, on April 18, 2006, the

Druckers and Bright China signed an official legal document, authorizing Bright China to use "Drucker" brand exclusively in China and use "Drucker" in all the training projects and in issuing certificates.


In 2006, Peter F.Drucker Academy (DA) was officially established, the only management institute authorized by Mr Drucker and his family. The Academy will continue its mission of spreading Mr Drucker's management philosophy and dedicate itself to assisting Chinese knowledge workers in their study and practice of Drucker's theories.

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