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Ms. Idy Lee
Certified MLA Educator

Idy Lee_Photo_20230919_edited.jpg

Ms. Idy Lee, a registered social worker, has over 20 years of experience in the social welfare sector. She has accumulated extensive expertise in organizational development, team leadership, project management, strategic planning, service revamping, and service management, and talent development. Idy excels in team building, staff motivation, supervision, coaching, and project management, particularly interested in employee management and talent development. She believes that effective talent management and development can unlock the potential of teams, enhance organizational performance and achieve the agency's vision. By combining her social work expertise with practical management experience, she brings unique value to leadership roles. Idy is a Social Capital Consultant at the Hong Kong Quality Assurance Agency.


Motto: “Leadership is about uniting people, instilling a sense of mission, providing the most conducive environment and space, and enabling the team to produce creative and exceptional results.”

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