“Managing Oneself in 21st Century” Video Series

“Opportunities comes to the prepared mind”, and it is especially true when we are living in an unprecedented turbulent time. In his classic book “Managing Oneself”, Peter Drucker presents a practical self-management approach, through which you can learn to know yourself, your values, strengths, and contributions. By taking responsibility for inter-personal relationships and self-renewal, you can therefore make your work life meaningful and fulfilling during challenging times.


Based on Peter Drucker’s original writing, with integration of real life stories, “Managing Oneself in 21st Century” video series, aims to prepare youngers today with abilities adapted to change, and on becoming future responsible leaders. Thus, this program is not for knowledge but a call for action. Those who prepare themselves and their institutions for the new challenges, starting Managing Oneself today, will be the leaders tomorrow. 


We sincerely thank guest hosts, speakers and lecturers for their insightful sharing, and deeply appreciate program sponsors for their contributions. 


Guest speakers:      Dr. Daniel Lee, Dr. Alman Lee, Ms. Chan Yuen-Ting, Mr. David Yeung

                                  Mr. William Yeung, Mr. Chu Tsz-Wing 

Guest hosts:            Prof. Andrew Chan, Dr. Ricky Szeto, Ms. Ruthia Wong, Ms. Angela Lee

Guest lecturers:      Dr. Joey Wan, Ms. Angela Lee

Program sponsor:  Wai Yin Association

Venue sponsor:      St. Regis Hotel

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Managing Oneself in 21st Century 

Date:                    September 23rd, 2021 (Thur) 

Reception time: 15:00 – 15:30 

Event time:         15:30 – 17:30 

Venue:                 Hang Seng University of Hong Kong 

                             Lee Quo Wei Academic building 2/F


Address:              Hang Shin Link, Siu Lek Yuen, Shatin

Language:          English

Fee:                     Complimentary 

Reservation:      Seats are provided on first-come-first

                            served basis, please register through 


Enquiry:             Please contact 2850-6620 or 



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Prof. Bradley Barnes 

Dr. Alman Chan

Mr. Chu Tsz-Wing

Prof. Jeanne Fu

Prof. Simon Ho

Ms. Sandy Lau

Ms. Angela Lee

Dr. Daniel Lee

Pastor Stephen Lee

Dr. Ricky Szeto

Dr. Cecilia Tsui

Dr. Julia Wang

Ms. Ruthia Wong

Mr. Sunny Wong 

Dr. Joey Wan

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 “Managing Oneself in 21st Century” Video Series


“Managing Oneself in 21st Century” Episodes

Episode 1

Guest Speaker :  Dr. Daniel Lee 

                              Elite Training Science & Technology Division

                              Associate Director of      

                              Hong Kong Sports Institute

Guest Host:      Prof. Andrew Chan 

Guest Lecturer:Dr. Joey Wan

Theme: Introduction: Managing Oneself in 21st Century

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Episode 2

Guest Speaker: Dr. Alman Chan 

                              Principal of Christian Zheng Sheng College 

Guest Host:      Dr. Ricky Szeto 

Guest Lecturer:Ms. Angela Lee

Know Thyself:     Who am I? What are my Strengths?

                              How do I Work?

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Episode 3

Guest Speaker:Ms. Chan Yuen-Ting

                              Women Youth Technical Manager

                              of China Football Association

Guest Host:      Ms. Angela Lee

Guest Lecturer:Dr. Joey Wan 

Theme:                 Where do I belong?