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Our Characteristics


MLA Academy, formerly known as Peter F. Drucker Academy, a member of MLA Foundation, is a registered Non-Profit Management Institute in Hong Kong.

Since its inception, the Academy has been focusing on the research, education and advocacy of Drucker’s management as a liberal art (MLA) philosophy and practice. The Academy has a range of management courses developed and granted by Peter Drucker. Over the years, we have continuously infused Drucker’s teaching with local culture, and make it available to Chinese executives, entrepreneurs and professionals, so as to cultivate effective leadership and make contribution to the society.  

Strong R&D Support 
Drawing on the strength of Bright China Group, MLAA's value and mission has attracted senior professors as well as scholars specializing in management from China and overseas, to form the core department of the Academy –Research & Development Department (R&D Department). Members of the R&D Department are experts who identify with and have in-depth study of Drucker's management theories. They also have rich field experiences in management and teaching.

Strong expertising and Experienced Educators
MLAA has a strict and sound certification process of "Certified MLA Educator". Only those who have been certified as Certified MLA Educators (CME) are qualified to teach Drucker management courses. Our CMEs come from various areas, including professors, executives, and professional management trainers specializing in Drucker management theories. They form a strong team of certified educators, combining the expertise in teaching and field experience.

Advanced and Practical Course Content
Courses are designed with emphasis on practice and application, illustrating the idea of "management is not about 'knowing' but 'doing' ". Students are encouraged to explore and share real-life experience in management, emphasizing internalization and transformation of one-self, others and the organization.

World-class Teaching Facilities and Environment
With international advanced multi-media teaching facilities, and timely and thoughtful teaching service, we provide first-class learning condition for students.

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