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Executive development Program for NGO

Transformational Leadership and Management Program for Christian Organizations and Churches

Course Introduction


Part 1:

Unit 1- 5:


Self- discovery renewal and sustainable development 

The course is designed for the study of Self-discovery renewal and sustainable development of pastors as well as leaders of Christian organization.

In the age of complexity, uncertainty, people lost themselves easily; therefore, Christian leaders have to develop themselves before developing others.

The part one of the program helps students to identify their vocations and roles. By recognizing the multi-duties that they have, they are able to identify the path of self-development that suit them the most, and they learn to handle interpersonal relationship in order to leader others effectively and joyfully.


Part 2:

Unit 6-11


Pastors and leaders as the kingdom priest, prophet and king, reclaiming the lost territories to secularity

The modern churches lose to secularity in the areas of evangelism, leading of  thinking and role as moral leader. Churches are marginalized in the society that is breaking down. Christian leaders needs to become visionary, and guide the followers to reclaim the lost territories with strategic thinking, innovative methods and be the moral example.

Teaching Method  


All modules include 3 elements:


  1. Straight-forward and inspirational ideas

  2. In-depth discussion, to understand the difficulties and opportunities encountered when transforming theories into practice

  3. Practice and application of two practical managerial tools


This teaching method transforms ideology and theory into practice. The course also includes one-day field trip, one project coaching and one day of summarization of all modules.


Course Objectives


Nowadays both pastors and leaders of Christian organizations recognize the urge of “bringing change by renewal of mentality”.

This course is designed for Chirstian leaders who are in search of spiritual renewal and ways for breakthrough for themselves as well as their organizations in a volatile age.


It is also designed based on Christianity and Drucker Management theory, and has infuses the rich management experience of the instructors, the modules contents are developed from the collaborations with the RBC Ray Bakke Centre for urban transformation for the past seven years.

Target Learner


Pastors, leaders and management executives of Christian organizations, Christian management executives in NGO organization

Course Duration


11 Days (77 Hours)

Modules Outline



Learning Objectives

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