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About Drucker

Message from Drucker

Effective and competent managers and executives are China's greatest need in business, in communication and transportation, in government agencies, in schools and universities and hospitals. A developing country can easily import technology. It can easily import capital. But technology and capital are simply tools. They only become effective if properly used and properly employed by competent and effective management.

Who is Drucker?

Peter F. Drucker is a highly reputed management visionary of the modern age, widely regarded as the “Father of Modern Management” and “Guru of Gurus". His tremendous contributions to modern management as well as his innovative and forward-looking management ideas and practice have been commonly recognized in the world. He raised the groundbreaking concept of “Management by Objectives” (MBO), which went on to become one of the most important concepts in modern management.

Biography of

Peter F. Drucker

Peter Drucker was born in Vienna, Austria on November 19th in 1909. His father was an Austrian financial official who also founded the Salzburg Festival. His mother was one of the first women who went to medical school in Austria. Good family education and strong cultural atmosphere had a deep impact on Drucker's life.


In 1931, Drucker received his Doctorate degree of Public and International Law at Frankfurt University in Germany.


In 1937, opposing to the Nazi regime, Drucker and his family migrated to the United States. He worked as Economist and Management Consultant in banks, insurance companies and multinational corporations. He became an American citizen in 1943.

Drucker in China

In the summer of 1999, Mr. Shao Ming Lo met Mr. Peter F. Drucker with a proposal of setting up an institute. It was his dream: to establish an academy of management for existing executives and for the entrepreneurs in the future. Mr. Drucker was moved by Mr. Shao's passion and committed to be a voluntary consultant in his lifetime. At the end of the same year, with Drucker's guidance and participation, Peter F. Drucker Academy was set up.

Impression of Drucker

“Among all of the business books, writings by Drucker influence me the most.”

- Bill Gates, CEO, Microsoft



“My first central idea for General Electric back in 1981 came from Peter Drucker.”

- Jack Welch, CEO, General Electric



“Mention the name of Peter Drucker and many an ear in the business forest stands up straight.”

- Harvard Business Review

Books by Drucker

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