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Our Tutors

Peter F. Drucker Academy follows a rigorous educator certification process. Only those who have been certified as Certified Drucker Educator (CDE), are allowed to teach management programs hosted by the academy. All of our tutors are professionals from multi-national enterprises, organizations and education institutions.

3. Dr. Joey Wan_MA115.jpg
4. Mr. Stephen Chan_MA008.jpg
Dr. Stephen Lee
Dr. Peter Liu
Dr. Joey Wan
Mr. Stephen Chan
Ms. Alice Cheung
Mr. Salmon Chow
7. Mr. Mike Hui.jpg
Mr. Mike Hui
9. Ms. Angela Lee_MA075.jpg
Ms. Angela Lee
Ronald Mok2.jpg
Mr. Ronald Mok
11. Dr Cecilia Tsui_MA039b.jpg
Dr. Cecilia Tsui
Dr. Lawrence Wong 
Ms Alison Yau2.jpg
Ms. Alison Yau
14. Mr. Angus Yip.jpg
Mr. Angus Yip
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