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Prof. Joseph Maciariello introduces the origin

and essence of Management as a Liberal Art

Get to know Peter F. Drucker Academy


Dating back to the middle of 20th Century, Peter F. Drucker didn’t only introduce the concept of modern management; he was also the first one to turn “Management” into a discipline at university.


Wholly owned by MLA Foundation, Peter F. Drucker Academy (Hong Kong) is a registered Non-Profit Management Institute in Hong Kong, exclusively authorized by Peter F. Drucker and his family trust. 

Building a Functioning Society through Peter Drucker’s Legacy of Management as a Liberal Art
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The MLA x Sustainability Roundtable co-organized by Peter F. Drucker Academy Hong Kong and The Center for Economic Sustainability & Entrepreneurial Finance (CESEF) of The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, was successfully held on January 8, 2020.

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Student Testimonials

“The Drucker management theories lead us to reflect on our roles as managers and the circumstances surrounding us. This is an innovative way of thinking. ”

Student, Teddy Poon

In memory of Prof. Joseph Maciariello
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December 1st 1941 – July 1st 2020

Our Drucker Lab Research Director, Prof. Joseph Maciariello peacefully passed away on July 1st 2020 in Claremont, California, USA, with his family at his side. In memory of Prof. Maciariello, we hosted the online memorial service of Prof. Maciariello on July 20th (Monday) with the support of Dr. Stephen Lee, the Pastor of Saddleback Church Hong Kong. It was attended by the beloved family of Prof. Maciariello, Mrs. Judy Maciariello and their son Patrick Maciariello, fellow colleagues, students and members of DAHK, where we pay our last respects to Prof. Maciariello together.

Prof. Maciariello devoted himself to the study of the huge body of knowledge on Drucker, and made the teaching of Management as a Liberal Art a practical project, whilst in collaboration with the Peter F. Drucker Academy Hong Kong, Prof. Maciariello personally led the “Train the Trainer”(TTT) courses in the past few years, which is very unforgettable.

With his great efforts, today our MLA Leadership Program has been updated to an advanced level. His contribution in helping us to sustain our mission going forward is invaluable. We highly appreciate and thank him for his great contribution to Peter F. Drucker Academy and the global MLA community at large. His legacy in promoting MLA will be carrying on, for the hope of achieving a functioning society.  

Drucker Fellows


All Drucker Fellows have brought profound influence to the development of social welfare and business management. They also have thorough understandings of Drucker's management theories, of which they apply on the enterprise management. They are presented the titles of Drucker Fellows, in recognition of their contributions to both development of business management and the society.

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